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Part1 御嵜翔太郎 個展  /  会場風景


    只今、大田原市役所にて『第10回記念大田原市芸術文化研究所 研究員展』を開催しています。


    part1 御嵜翔太郎 個展 会期:7月7日(火)〜8月5日(水)

    part2 市村多眞美 個展 会期:8月5日(水)〜9月2日(水)

    part3 日原公大  個展 会期:9月2日(水)〜9月30日(水)





    御嵜翔太郎 / Misaki Shotaro

    現在 大田原市芸術文化研究所 研究員 / The researcher of Otawara City Institute of Art and Cultural Studies

    1992 熊本市出身 / From Kumamoto, Japan



    I am working on the theme of mountains. A mountain that continues to stand alone and quietly, watching people living with various feelings from all over the world. I want my sculptures to stand gently and powerfully in the heart of the viewer, like this mountain. Are we now honestly living, or are our actions correct? My work is to ask, through a chisel, to the mountains that have been silently watching various human activities since ancient times.